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STS and Storage Solutions

Solal delivers the highest quality service in ship-to-ship (STS) cargo transfer. We operate worldwide.

Our vast experience in handling STS operations and floating storages at Roads Transshipment Areas and OPL allows us to offer a full range of services that may include:

• Chartering and operating floating storage, shuttle and export tankers
• Provision of fenders and cargo hoses
• Mooring and unmooring operations
• Cargo transfer supervision
• Delivery of personnel and documents
• Agency and freight forwarding services

We pay great attention to planning, risk management and thorough control of each operation. Experienced loading masters and stevedores handle equipment, support mooring, supervise cargo transfer and ensure efficiency and safety.

We are ISO 9001 certified for ship to ship oil and gas transfer, hold all necessary licenses and perform operations in full compliance with the legal and ecological requirements, International Safety Standards and OCIMF guidelines.

Operating in a global network with local providers, we are able to arrange STS cargo transfer of any complexity via our partners in other regions even on a short notice.

Our core strengths are knowledge of vessel dynamics, weather, navigational and cultural peculiarities of the regions in which we work and continuous commitment to quality and safety.

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