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Seaborne Cargo Transportation

Seaborne transportation is a core business of Solal Shipping. We will work out safe and cost-efficient plan of delivery, taking into consideration goods characteristics, parcel size, contractual dates, freight market and all other related conditions.

Being a notable charterer and tanker operator, our company ensures carriage, combining spot voyages, time charter and contract of affreightment solutions. The service includes market screening and voyage planning, chartering and provision of tonnage, operations, demurrage and claims handling.

We are focused on liquid bulk and chemical trades, securing vessels in the size segment of 5,000 DWT to 150,000 DWT. Diverse experience and versatile knowledge of our team, however, enables the company to manage also the most demanding and complicated dry cargo transportation tasks.

Commercial awareness, professional approach in chartering and operational activities, effective utilization of time allowing to avoid losses on demurrage, commitment to safety and quality are the pillars of our company’s reputation, success and sustainability.

Solal is certified according to ISO 9001 standard for provision of cargo shipping, worldwide chartering and transportation services.

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