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Commercial Management

Solal Shipping provides a full range of commercial ship management services. Our extensive experience in different tanker segments, a wide network of industry partners and long-term transportation contracts allow us to choose the most efficient chartering strategy, to minimise costs and to maximise revenue of our client in unstable market conditions.

The list of our services can be customized according to the individual requirements of the customer and may include the following:

• Market outlook, analysis and forecasts
• Building a marketing and chartering strategy
• Estimating voyage results
• Preparing commercial offers and tender documentation
• Negotiating contracts and terms
• Concluding period, voyage and COA fixtures

Post-fixture operations:
• Issuing voyage instructions
• Monitoring vessel’s performance and weather conditions
• Daily communication with Master and crew
• Appointment of port agents and towage companies
• Arranging surveys of cargo tanks and supervision of cargo operations
• Purchasing bunkers
• Calculating and invoicing charterers for payment of freight
• Operational and financial reporting

Demurrage and claims handling:
• Calculating, invoicing and handling of the claims on behalf of principal
• Review of the claim according to charter party and/or sale and purchase contract conditions
• Preparation and submission of laytime and demurrage calculations
• Checking validity and correctness of demurrage claims
• Negotiating and settlement of the claims
• Liaison with lawyers, P&I clubs and insurance companies
• Handling of arbitration matters
Solal is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 for commercial ship management services.

Customer-centric approach and focus on operational excellence are at the core of the company’s philosophy.

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